What is Wordpress?

WordPress can accommodate any kind of website from small to large, from light to heavy and from static to e-commerce. WordPress development comes under Open Source project, which means that there are hundreds of people that are working on it, forever developing it and improving it. WordPress is currently the largest self-hosted blogging tool on the Internet (WordPress As Blog). Best of all, it is free for you to download and use.

The WordPress publishing system is based on PHP and MySQL programming, and it’s completely customizable platform is practically backbone of the Web 2.0 development. WordPress is also famous for the WordPress theme development, which customizes the outlook of your website.

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress CMS is open source, easy to use, customizable and cost-effective blogging platform. Online market is already flooded with enormous WordPress websites. Being an open source, it provides flexibility in building economic Content Management System (CMS) for business.

Businesses are finding ways to develop unique and personalized website that make them stand apart from competitors. With excellent features and love for SEO, WordPress cater businesses to create immediate Internet presence. Professional and experienced developers will promise successful and inexpensive WordPress CMS solution for the organization.

Custom Theme Development

Wordpress theme is a group of templates that WordPress uses to it displays the site content to your visitors. It prepares the website with professional features that make it look exciting and authentic to the user. A WordPress theme controls the GUI of the site, and decides where to place the page individual items such as header, menu options, content areas, sidebars, and footer on the website. The main style sheet will defines the color, font, titles and other GUI components.

WordPress themes are created with valid CSS and HTML layouts, and promise to deliver latest web-standard solution along with SEO support. In addition, our customized solution will not compromise the ease of accessibility provided by WordPress. We avail you with suitable solution that runs on majority of the browsers and platform.

Custom Plugin Development

Rather than making changes in core code, experts prefer to deploy plug-ins for easily modification, customization and enhancement of WordPress blogs. WordPress Plugin is a program, written in the PHP scripting language that adds a specific set of features/services to the WordPress web-log. The features/services can be seamlessly integrated with the web-log using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Plugin Development Application Program Interface (API).

Our Technical Expertise

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • MVC
  • AJAX

  • jQuery
  • Wordpress framework

What we provide using Wordpress

  • Wordpress CMS Development & Integration
  • Wordpress Website Development & Customization
  • Wordpress Blog Development
  • Wordpress Website Designing Services
  • Wordpress Theme Designing Services
  • Wordpress Plug-in / modules / components implementation, modification and development
  • Wordpress Implementation & Setup
  • Wordpress Data Migration
  • PSD to Wordpress customization

With expert team of Wordpress professionals, we provide constructive development services to our esteem clients across the globe. You can simply rely on our Wordpress developers and programmers as we offer with more choices and alternatives for powerful web development!

RIS's Advantages

  • Expect fully functional scripts, seamless integration
  • Client centric services
  • Flexible business engagment models
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost effective rates without compromising quality
  • Ecommerce, Shopping Cart, Enterprise Management systems all in one roof
  • 100% transparency throughout project development and development
  • Global Standard Infrastructural facilities for effective project deployment