Print Design


Perhaps the most traditional area, editorial design encompasses publication and print design, exploring the overall structure of information as well as the use of text and images. Editorial design is employed in book design, for example, which concerns the appearance of the exterior cover and the layout of the interior pages’ content. Whatever the medium, the goal of editorial design is to keep the reader interested and to effectively communicate the desired content to that reader.

Two Major part of print design : Poster Design ,Typography

Types of Poster Design

Posters combine words and images in a powerful public announcement, whether for a concert, public service campaign or product unveiling.

  • Retro Posters
  • Pinup Posters
  • Vintage Design Posters
  • Typography Posters
  • Innovative Poster Designs
  • Modern Posters
  • Movie Posters

Typography Rules

Typography examines the use of letters and words and their placement on a page.

  • Learn the Basics
  • Watch Your Kerning
  • Be Aware of Font Communication
  • Alignment
  • Choose a Good Secondary Font
  • Size Matters
  • Use Typography As Art
  • Find Good Inspiration