Data Mining

Data Mining Services

Data mining is the process of analyzing data from a large range of sources and collating this information into useful business intelligence. The data which is gathered is examined to discover prevalent market trends, predict future prosperous opportunities, and assist with driving revenue and cutting costs.

Invensis possesses extensive data mining services experience and has the capability to add value to clients' operations from a range of varying industries.

We summarize unsorted financial, marketing and other business information from hundreds of websites, B2B and B2C websites, online portals, networks, blogs and forums to deliver a compact knowledge base and opportunities for our clients to capitalize upon

Comprehensive Range of Research and Data Mining Services

Collecting information from different sources

Populating information into desired output formats like CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Word etc.

Checking product details and updates like prices, rate comparisons, product listings, product descriptions and product availability, product images and product catalogs and feeding them onto a content management system or an online portal.

Gathering financial data, identifying patterns, correlations and expectant future trends, analyzing competitor standings, locating dependency networks, evaluating market changes, building product catalogs and generating potential sales leads.

Establishing the relationship between internal (price, product positioning) and external (customer demographics, competitor analysis) factors.

Creating mailing lists for marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Clustering information, creating information repositories and combining multiple databases to make a data warehouse.

Data processing using statistical tools such as SAS and SPSS.