Management Information System Development

What is MIS?

MIS is the use of information technology, people, and business processes to record, store and process data to produce information that decision makers can use to make day to day decisions.

MIS is the acronym for Management Information Systems. In a nutshell, MIS is a collection of systems, hardware, procedures and people that all work together to process, store, and produce information that is useful to the organization.

The need for MIS

  1. Decision makers need information to make effective decisions.
  2. MIS systems facilitate communication within and outside the organization.
  3. Record keeping

Components of MIS

  • People
  • Data
  • Business Procedures
  • Hardware
  • Software

Types of Information Systems

  • Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS)
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